Mr. Bakir Saeed                               

CEO  Azmar Airlines & Gulfmar

Mr. Bakir is the founder of Azmar Air Group which was established in 2005. Mr. Bakir became the general manager since establishment, and managed the companies of Azmar Air Group and GulfMar Solutions Co. for air cargo and ground handling support. 

         Mr. Abdulsamad Al-Kubaisi                                    

Chairman of Board

Abdulsamad was appointed as a chairman of board in 2005, managing the meetings of Azmar Air board and GulfMar solutions Co. for air cargo and ground handling support.

              Mr. Shorash R. Saeed                                   

General Manager | Gulfmar

Shorash joined Gulfmar in 2005, manages day-to-day operations of the entire organization. Supervises all departments within Gulfmar including but not limited to import/export, clearance team, accounting, warehouse, transportation. Member and certified from IATA on the following trainings, Dangerous Goods, Live Animal, Ground Operations, Security. Mr. Shorash has also obtained certifications from Kurdistan Regional Government on Instruction Techniques, German Federal Police on Travel Document Awareness. Along with his many years of experience in airport industry, Shorash has also served on the Safety Committee and was awarded for his dedication in 2013. With over 1000 employees at Gulfmar Cargo Village, Shorash's number one priority is providing superior customer service to our clients.