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Gulfmar Cargo village

Azmar air company was set up in 2005 to provide ground-handling services to Sulaymaniyah international airport.

Now Azmar Air has grown to multinational company with ticketing, Holidays, Catering and cargo businesses. We started with a small team of 50 staff and now have more than 1000 employees.

Azmar Air first put forward a Cargo Village concept for an airport in Iraq.

Gulfmar cargo village is a prestigious project for Azmar air. Gulfmar Cargo Village commenced operation on 8­th Nov 2014 and has worked to strengthen its infrastructure using well-Known international organizations such as IATA, ISAGO and ICAO resolutions. All staff participated in courses with famous aviation academies and international aviation high school. Our staff are trained to handle all type of cargo which includes oversize/ heavy cargo, Dangerous goods cargo, Live animal and Perishable cargo.

Our Vision

  1. To facilitate cargo movement to Iraq by giving first class facility to the customers.
  2. To create a safe and secure working environment for our staff and customers.
  3. To give a fast, reliable and cost effective service , which cannot be matched by any other airports in Iraq.
  4. To create professional cargo handling team, by giving high standard training.
  5. To be more environment friendly by using electric equipment and enabling e-freight in cargo village operation.




Our core activities

  1. Cargo apron handling
  2. Cargo terminal handling
  3. Warehousing
  4. Airfreight
  5. Customs clearance
  6. Road transportation
  7. Track and trace
  8. Special cargo handling

Cargo apron handling

Gulfmar cargo village apron that can park 3 B747 freighters at the same time. We have all latest loading equipment and fully trained staff to manage the entire ramp handling.


Cargo terminal handling and warehousing

We have a 36000sqm warehouse to carry out all activities for shipment arriving and departure from Sulaymaniyah international airport. The cargo terminal is fully covered by CCTV cameras and controlled by government security to ensure security of our clients’ cargo. There are separate storage areas for Perishable cargo, Valuable cargo, dangerous cargo and export cargo. We take good care of the cargo and are carefully placed in locations or racks that are clearly marked for easy retrieval.

Airfreight, Customs clearance and road transportation.

This is a very specialized field that Gulfmar cargo village carry out to support our clients to ensure a fast delivery of their shipments to their doors. As soon as the cargo arrives, our staff will start clearance process and when pre-clearance is required that is also arranged. Our transportation department plans for truck and arrange for a secure transportation to customer warehouse. All drivers and security approved which assure security to your cargo. We are authorized agents for most of the airlines operating via Sulaymaniyah international airport. We can export cargo to any part of the world.

Truck and trace

Our new state of the art GALAXY cargo handling system supports paperless transaction and e-freight (electronic freight). All movements of cargo are recorded in the system that enables our client to truck their shipments on Internet. This system is used in many international airports to handle cargo and interface with all the airline in the world.

Special cargo handling

We are equipped to handle all types of special cargo such as Heavy and odd sized cargo, perishables, live animals, dangerous goods etc. Our cold storage area is 55sqm and freezer facility of 25sqm floor space.  

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